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Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a time when all Mummies to be will be feeling tired and achy and in need of a massage!  Pregnancy massage is specifcally suited to those who are pregnant, taking in to account the changing body and the pressures upon it.


Full Body                                                                                                                        £55.00


Back, Neck & Shoulder                                                                                                 £30.00


Maternity Reflexology                                                                                                   £45.00

Like standard Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology is the use of pressure upon the feet on specific points (reflexes) which correspond with various parts of the body.   Maternity Reflexology uses specific techniques that have been developed for the pregnant client to accommodate the changes within the body and is designed to nurture and optimise the health of both mother and baby on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  The benefits of Reflexology are immense for preconception, pregnancy, labour and post-natal care.


Fertility Reflexology                                                                                                      £45.00

Conception is not easy for everyone and for those trying to conceive this can be a particularly stressful time.  Reflexology is an important treatment at this time as it will help to promote deep relaxation reducing stress levels which often hinder conception.  It will also help to rebalance the body and promote well being whilst stimulating the reproductive system.  A course of treatment is advised.  This by no way replaces medical treatment or supervision, it merely supports it.



Please note a letter from your Doctor or Midwife is required for any treatments to take place during pregnancy.  Any treatments can be carried out during pregnancy but these massage and reflexology treatments are specifically designed for during pregnancy.




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