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Foot & Nail Care

Gel Polish Pedicure                                                                                                                    £40.00
Standard Gel Pedicure procedure including cuticle work, filing and gel polishing.

Please add an extra £5 if you are requiring french polish.

Gel Polish Removal                                                                                                                     £15.00
Please note if you have your gel applied at All About Mi and you return for another Gel Polish Pedicure you will not be charged for the removal of the product.  You will be charged if your gel polish was applied elsewhere or you are not having any gel re-applied.


Standard Pedicure                                                                                                                     £40.00
This express pedicure procedure is great for those who are short on time.  Including  cuticle work, filing, massage and finishing with the application of polish


Footlogix is the worlds’ first, and only, Pediceutical® Foot Care Treatment line that has been developed with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.  Using ground-breaking Dermal Infusion Technology®, along with its scientific formulation, Footlogix enables active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into the troubled skin of the feet resulting in the elimination of dryness, cracked heels, hard skin etc.  after just one treatment you will see an immediate difference but for best results a course of treatment and home care is recommended.

There are two Footlogix Pedicures available:

Footlogix Prescriptive Pedi                                                                                                        £60.00

The Prescriptive Pedi is a more pampering experience.  This treatment includes a foot soak, cutting of the toe nails, filing, cuticle work and polishing combined with an effective foot exfoliation, relaxing foot and leg massage and targeted treatment of any hard skin, cracked heels or dry skin on the feet.

Footlogix Fast Fix                                                                                                                       £35.00

This focused treatment works specifically on treating the dry, hard, rough skin and cracked heels.  Using the Callus Remover and massaging in some treatment mousse and moisturiser this treatment targets the areas of concern and provides quick results.  There is no cuticle work, filing or polishing within this treatment.

BX Nail Treatment

IBX and IBX Boost Nail Treatment Available At All About Mi!

IBX is a revolutionary nail treatment that treats the nail from within and is a great addition to any manicure and pedicure service. 

Traditional nail repair treatments sit on the nail plate and form a bond with the keratin (nail protein).  Such products are applied and removed frequently.

IBX is completely different and revolutionary!

IBX penetrates the nail plate and fuses the layers of the upper portion of the nail together with an Interpernetratin Polymer Network (IPN).  This is a permanent treatment that will naturally grow out as the nail grows.

So who is it good for?

People with nail damage such as:






Broken Nails

Paper Thin Nails

Nails Prone To Chipping

Nails That Have Difficulty Growing Due To Damage

Clients Undergoing Treatment For Cancer

IBX can be applied under a standard nail lacquer or gel polish and a treatment programme will be devised for you dependent upon concerns, aims and level of damage.

IBX Manicure or Pedicure                                                                                                        £30.00

IBX applied as a stand alone treatment would incorporate cuticle work, filing and the IBX treatment.

IBX with your Manicure or Pedicure                                                                                        £15.00

Add IBX to any Manicure or Pedicure service for an extra £15.00


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