Facial Peels

Nimue Facial Peels

Nimue's development started in 1994, originally developed by a plastic surgeon who was in search of a range to use pre and post operative to induce dermal change, healing and long term skin health.

What Makes Nimue Different?

* Unique Alpha Hydroxy Acid concept to ensure maximum stimulation and minimum irritation.

* The first Derma-cosmetceutical range.  Dermal improvement with pharmaceutical like benefits.

* 11 delivery systems.

* Maximum concentrations used of the highest quality ingredients for optimal skin health improvement.

* No animal testing.

* No lanolin or mineral oil used in the range,

* No artificial fragrances.

* No paraben preservation system.

* Eco friendly refillable system.

* Phytoceutical and biotechnological ingredients for a synergistic treatment approach.

So what is the benefit of a facial peel?
Ultimately, a facial peel, exfoliates the skin at a much deeper level.  This deep exfoliation has all manner of benefits:
* It leaves the skin brighter and more radiant reducing the appearance of tired and dull skin.
* It reduces fine lines and wrinkles superficially whilst stimulating collagen and elastin to reduce further ageing, premature signs of ageing, loss of tone and plumpness and the formation of further wrinkles. 
* It allows any product used after, and in between peels, to work more effectively.  By removing the top layer of skin the cocktail of advanced ingredients - including Glycolic Acid, AHA's, Retinol- will reach a deeper level and feed the skin allowing more advanced regeneration.
* It will reduce pigmentation, acne scarring and pore size.

Advanced Facials


This specialised rejuvenating treatment promotes collagen remodelling and skin firmness.  This procedure stimulates natural collagen synthesis, a stimulation that continues for up to four weeks after the treatment, and skin regeneration.  This is a great treatment for lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, uneven skin tone and texture and for breaking down pigmentation.  A course of 6 treatments is recommended, with one treatment taking place every 4 weeks.  This treatment is also perfectly combined with ongoing facial peel/resurfacing treatments.

Single Treatment                                                                                                £227.50

Course of 6                                                                                                         £765.00

Smart Resurfacing Treatment                                                                             £117.50

An intense waterless, oil-based, skin resurfacing treatment that smoothes the skin texture (often dubbed the Botox Peel), reduces discolouraion, minimises pores, decrease wrinkle depth and rejuvenates the skin leaving it bright and radiant.  This facial will give immediate results with minimum discomfort. Skin must be prepped before receiving this treatment. Course of treatment recommended for best results.

Nimue SRC                                                                                                         £102.50

A rejuvenating facial treatment with superficial peeling targeting - hyperpigmentation, environmental damage and ageing, and problematic acne prone skin.  Course of treatment recommended.


35% Glycolic Treatment                                                                                       £92.50

A specialised deep exfoliating treatment that safely removes dead skin , improves skin texture and the overall appearance of the skin.  A great facial for sun damage, scars, lines and wrinkles and much more.  Skin must be prepped before receiving this treatment. Course of treatment recommended for best results.

Facial treatments
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