Business Consultancy/Mentoring


Do you need help starting or developing your beauty business or training school?  Regardless of size or turnover Marie-Louise can help you achieve your desired business goals!


With almost 30 years beauty industry experience in a variety of roles ranging from - sales, training and business development for premium skincare and cosmetic companies, to owning her own successful businesses - Marie-Louise has seen it all.  Having been asked over the years to help others develop their businesses and training school's, and seeing great success, Marie-Louise started the consultancy side of All About Mi.


The consultancy/mentoring work is tailored to suit the individual and their business and what you want to achieve - which can vary greatly from salon to salon and therapist to therapist.  Marie-Louise works very closely with the business owner/manager/team to understand the fundamentals of each individual business and develop a programme to achieve great success.  The programme is personalised and tailored to you - contrary to many consultants work, one size does not fit all!


Consultancy/mentoring services are available on an entirely personalised basis in the following categories:


* Starting Your Own Business

* Starting Your Own Training School

* Providing Accredited Course Templates

* Growing & Developing Your Business

* Maximise You Social Media


* Sale And Purchase Of A Business


* Increasing Treatment And Retail Sales


* Recruiting And Interviewing Effectively


* Maximising The Productivity And Efficiency Of Your Business


* Mystery Client Services


* Client Care


* Developing The Standards Of Your Therapists


* Therapist Coaching To Develop Your Career


* Manager Coaching To Develop Your Management Skills


* Salon Owner Coaching To Develop Your Skills In Both Business & Team Management


* CV Writing And Interview Preparation/Guidance


A lot of these services are available via Zoom, Facetime etc., on site or at All About Mi.


If you need help to achieve your goals get in touch